Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In a galaxy far far away, this video started it all!

I think I will start by saying, Curse you YOUTUBE! Not only have you killed numerous hours of my life browsing your never ending stream of useful and useless videos... more so the latter. You've now shown me a video that has gotten me super excited and has me thinking of little else. The video in question was sitting in my recommended videos tray, I assume due to all my recent Star Wars searches thanks to the upcoming hype from the Star Wars Force Awakens movie coming out. The video it recommended was titled "FPV Racing drone racing star wars style Pod racing are back!". Not understanding a word of french I kept watching, skeptical at first because I've seen drone videos before. You know the ones that do some nice landscape video or photo. This time it was different.... much different. This time they were racing each other not only that they had headsets on that allowed them to see the view of the drone in first person! (Hence the name F(irst) P(erson) V(iew))

I was hooked instantly, one video lead to two videos, lead to three and so on. By the time I was done I had seen more FPV Drone videos than I would like to admit. Not only did this look like a crazy adrenaline rush, but it also reminded me of Star Wars... don't agree?! Allow me to make my case with the following videos. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Episode 1 is my least favorite Star Wars movie, the only part of the movie I enjoyed was the pod racing. I remember play the living crap out of Pod Racer for Dreamcast back in the day. (Added Dreamcast video for bonus points)

As a huge Star Wars fan and a techie how could I not be hooked?! So now after a few weeks of watching videos and researching and reading about FPV Drone racing. I've ordered my first drone. It's super cheap and I've read it's good to learn on. All my reading had one thing in common, get a crappy drone to learn to fly on first. So we will see how it goes when it comes in and if after flying it, will I still be dead set on getting in this hobby.

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