Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I lost my Drone

Well that didn't take long, I lost my first drone tonight. I don't usually take it out let alone at night but today my brother asked if I could show him the drone. So I said sure, no problem. After flying it around close to the ground he asked... How high can it go? Stupidly I said "let's find out" and that's the last I saw it, while about 20 feet in the air the wind blew it towards my neighbor's back yard across the street and no matter how hard I hit the throttle it dropped like a sack of potatoes bounced off the neighbours roof and into the back yard. It's too late now to knock and ask for it, even though I want to. I'm thinking if I feel this crappy losing a toy drone, how do people who build the crazy FPV drones and do stunts in and over buildings feel when they lose a drone?

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