Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Great Scott!

So now that I'm more comfy operating a drone, I've started looking into ordering my first FPV Drone. I found a lot of sites and that sell parts, but they are all so far away from England to Australia to The US. Then out of nowhere I found http://www.nghobbies.com/ they had an awesome selection of parts, and the prices didn't seem too bad either. So I went to see where in the world they are located and to my shock they were just 5 minutes away from me! I dropped everything I was doing and drove over. I walked in and it was amazing inside, the store specializes in FPV products and had all kinds of goodies laying around I had to stay calm and collect myself before I ripped out my wallet and just threw my money at this place. In addition to all the FPV Drone goodness they have all these 3D printers printing custom drone stuff, that added +100 to the awesome of this store.

Outside of just looking awesome, it was nice to finally talk to someone about FPV Drones. Being new to this, it could be a little overwhelming figuring this all out. The gentlemen at New Generation Hobbies was great enough to talk to me about all the aspects of FPV Drone racing.

So now my first decision is what frame size I want to start with and go from there. I can start small with a 150 frame or big with a 250. I'm going to research the pros and cons before I choose my first frame.

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