Saturday, November 28, 2015

My first drone just came in!

So reading about FPV drone racing the one thing everyone recommended is getting a practice drone. A drone you could beat up and crash without hurting your pockets. So I went online to look for something cheap but still have enough depth to it that I actually get a hang of flying a drone. Randomly and out of nowhere I had an ad show on the side of Facebook staying Holy Stone X300C Wifi FPV RC Drone %55 OFF! on Amazon (First the videos that got me hooked now this, the interwebs is alive I say! ). So asking around on Reddit the general answer was yeessss! It's cheap enough and has enough depth too it that you might learn a thing or two plus it's awesome enough to have a little camera that you can view and record with via your mobile device. So it's finally in and it's pretty small to be honest, you always see photos online against white backdrops and have no sense of scale.But that's fine I don't care much for the size, I just wanted to see how it flys.

After charging both batteries for about an hour or so I can say without of a shadow of a doubt that I SUCK! I suck large! I can't keep this thing stable for the life of me. Every wall in my house has been attacked by this thing. I also do this thing when it gets too close to the roof I panic and drop the throttle then I panic that it's dropping too fast and I hit the throttle and it shoots up and so on and so on. I can't believe how hard it is, all you drone racers online make it look amazing and easy. Looking at the drone without FPV it super confusing when the front end faces the other way and left becomes right and right becomes left I wonder how much of that confusion lessens when you get some head gear. (Below is some video footage of how much I suck and a sample of the quality from the  Holy Stone X300C)

Also here is some video from my backyard, I found the  Holy Stone X300C can't handle the wind very well. Any wind would throw it around.

That's it for now, back to practicing with this little bugger, my goal for now is just to keep this drone up and not hit a wall for the duration of the charge.... here's hoping.

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